Here are some nitty gritty details to renting an apartment. For a more general renting guide to renting in Toronto, check out our Tenant Guide.

Step 1. Property Search Note: Most of the availability dates range from immediate occupancy to 60 days.

Step 2. Have your documents ready.
It is a hot rental market. There are a few documents you need to provide that apply to leasing any unit in Toronto and the GTA. Why do I need to provide these documents before viewing a unit?
When you place an offer to lease, you will be required to provide these documents in support of your offer.  We deal with a lot of prospective tenants across the city. Providing these documents allows us to know if you are qualified for the units that you want to see. Way too many times we have been in the position where a client loved a unit and wanted to place an offer, but by the time they had all the supplementary documents ready the unit has leased.

Step 3. Make an appointment with your realtor. Step 4. Choosing a Unit Step 5. Place an offer Step 6. Closing the deal.
Now that the landlord has accepted your offer you need to do the following: Step 7. Moving in!